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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
RepoSystems is a management and communications tool for the collateral recovery industry. "Lending Institutions" and "Recovery Agents" can communicate in real-time to enhance productivity, efficiency and accuracy in the recovery of the collateral. Our system provides an end-to-end collateral recovery solution that automates the repossession process from assignment and recovery, to disposition.
There are several ways, however the most important way is that it allows you to manage your business more effectively.
All of your orders, condition reports, forms etc. is at your fingertips. You can accept assignments from our National Lenders, should they need
a repossession in your area.

Some of the key benefits of RepoSystems are:
  • Overhead substantially reduced
  • Redundant data entry eliminated
  • File processing costs reduced
  • Telephone time greatly reduced
  • Processing capacity increased
  • Assignments quickly processed and dispatched
  • Efficiency gains direct to bottom line
  • Fully paperless options for your company.
To see our advantages over our competitors, CLICK HERE
To create a RepoSystems profile, all you need to go is click HERE
Complete the form and provide a mobile number, to get immediate activation.
If you don't have a mobile number (cell phone), click the "I don't have a mobile number" and you will be activated within 1 business day by one of our staff.
Our Silver Plan is $95.00/mo, for up to 100 new accepted or entered accounts each month.
If you exceed 100 accounts on the Silver Plan, you will be charged $2.00 from your RepoSystems Wallet for each account over 100.

Our Platinum Plan is $195.00/mo, for unlimited accepted or entered accounts each month.

We also have integrated Skip Tracing features in RepoSystems. Once fully credentialed you can also use these features from within www.SkipHunter.Com as well as within RepoSystems. Our skip trace technology is based upon a "wallet" prepay system. You will be scheduled for an onsite visit to assure that you are "who you say you are" and that you follow certain privacy practices.

You can see the prices for each of the different types of search HERE, and just scroll to the Skip Tracing section.

Process for becoming fully credentialed:
1) We collect the credentialing fee (must be done before application is provided)
2) We send you the credentialing application
3) You complete the application and send/fax it back to us
4) 3rd party schedules an appointment to inspect
5) When inspection is completed the file goes to our provider for approval
6) Once approved we are provided a username and key combination that we set in your RepoSystems profile
7) You can begin to use the skip trace tools once funds have been added to your RepoSystems Wallet.
Absolutely! We offer a full-access, completely free demo for 10 full days! Click HERE to create a profile within RepoSystems and once your account is activated, it is a fully functional profile. You can even begin to run or develop your business using it!

"Demo" only means that you have a limited time to sign up before we disable the profile. After the 10 day demo period, you will need to provide credit card information to sign up, so as to not lose access to the service.

You can provide your credit card information by requesting a form from accounting@reposystems.com or by simply clicking the Shopping Cart on the main menu, then click the Change Subscription Plan, choose your plan, and then provide the card information on the form provided. In most cases we will want an actual ink signature on the form, so even though you do the second process, accounting will send you a form to physically sign.
License Plate Recognition
Yes! We offer 2 and 4 camera High Definition LPR systems:
2 Camera HD System $7,100.00
4 Camera HD Systems $9,480.00

(Occasionally we have refurbished units where you can save a considerable amount of money. The refurb units are where users have traded up to more cameras, or we have used them as our demo units.)

Click HERE to see more information about our camera systems: You can contact the LPR Sales department at 972.501.0375 x 1005, and we can provide more information on financing and discounts.
We don't 'partner' with MVTrac or DRN, they are our competitors. We have our own camera system. However, we do partner with other providers in the industry such as Plate Locate and others that want our cameras to run their hotlists.

Our LPR National Hotlist is in the 6 figures, which makes us one of the larger in the industry.

Please be aware, that some of our competitors will not allow you to run other providers cameras at the same time as running theirs.

However, if you own one of their camera systems, we have an export within RepoSystems that will allow your hotlist to be loaded into their camera systems, so you can run your own accounts.

Naturally we would prefer you to have one of our camera systems, and we don't care if you want to run ours and theirs at the same time. We think you should have as much exposure as possible.
YOU DO. Unlike some of our competitors, you have full control over your data. You can sell your scans and location data for a price you choose.
You can always review your scans, edit plates, and control every aspect of your data.
Not unless you want them to, and you have full control of that process.
RepoSystems allows you to specify whether other recovery agents in the RepoSystems network are able to get hits on your plates.

If another agent scans your plate, it will prompt them to contact you and you decide what happens next.
If you want to purchase the location information, you can purchase it directly through RepoSystems.
If you want them to pick up the vehicle, you can, and you agree to pricing with them. You can pay them directly through RepoSystems.
If you are scanning with your own RepoSystems LPR system, and get a verified it, if it's your account you pick it up.
  • No other agent can come from behind and steal your profit! You have control!
  • We provide financing to qualified applicants through our 3rd party financing partners. CLICK HERE TO APPLY TODAY!
    In addition, we provide “in house” financing and leasing options to well qualified applicants.
    Please contact our sales department for more details at:

    972.501.0375 x1005

    A Note About Financing/Leasing:
    If you choose to finance or lease our LPR system, at the end of the financing or lease terms, YOU OWN the LPR system .
    While some of our competitors force you into a exorbitant monthly lease agreement for as long as you posess the system, we don't believe that's
    the best way for you to spend your money. RepoSystems believes in helping Recovery Agents like yourself, so at the end of the financing terms,
    the LPR system is yours. By owning your equipment without a constant monthly "lease", you can reduce your overhead and be more sucessful.
    LPR Orders generally take 2-5 weeks to configure, test and then ship to you. Some of our competitors take 1-6 months to deliver an LPR system to you.
    In addition, some of our competitors also require their own installation, which causes even more delays and higher prices.
    We've designed our systems to be plug-and-play. All of the connections are simple and easy to do yourself. Self-installation generally takes less than 30 minutes!
    We will send you tracking information as soon as your system has shipped. Note: An adult over 18 must be present to sign for delivery of all LPR systems.