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RepoSystems is a management and communications tool for the collateral recovery industry. "Lending Institutions" and "Recovery Agents" can communicate in real-time to enhance productivity, efficiency and accuracy in the recovery of the collateral. Our system provides an end-to-end collateral recovery solution that automates the repossession process from assignment and recovery, to disposition.

RepoSystems virtually eliminates the need for phone, fax or email to establish up to the minute account or collateral status. Lending Institutions and Recovery Agents work on the same RepoSystems database and both see the same up-to-date information in real time.

RepoSystems can be both powerful and profitable. The cost savings for both Lending Institutions and Recovery Agents in man-hours, phone, fax, mail, stationary, filing etc. expense can be substantial.

RepoSystems key features include:
- Paperless automation standardizes operations
- Collateral recovery assignment - Automatic or Manual Assignment
    [ Within the company profile you can set the ability to assign the address of the maker, by state+county,
      state+county+city, or by zip code. In each agent profile you designate WHAT area they cover.
      The system will then make the assignment for you, allowing you to quickly add your repossession orders.]

- Collateral redemption status
- Real time recovery status
- Asset hold aging
- Flexible collateral condition reporting
- Extensive access control
- Invoicing
- Powerful reporting engine
- Flexible implementation
- Automated VIN lookup (for vehicles/auto recovery)
- Location mapping
- Agent Accounts Download - while in the field
- Online Auction at http://Auctions.RepoSystems.com
- Multiple Address Repossession Orders
- SMS (Cell Phone) text messaging upon account updates to the Agent
- Unlimated Online Faxing Capabilites
- Document Storage for Clients, Accounts, and the Recovery Agents
- Recovery Agent marketing assistance - we help you grow your business
- Assignment Portal on Repoman.com and QuickRepo.com.
- Assignment form integration from YOUR website for client use

- Auction Management Module - For Any Auction
- Automatic Account Creation to a Forwarded Recovery Agent which is a user of RepoSystems.com
- Integrated Skip Tracing Tools
- Route Planning Software Integration (save on fuel!)

RepoSystems key benefits include:
- Overhead substantially reduced
- Redundant data entry eliminated
- File processing costs reduced
- Telephone time greatly reduced
- Processing capacity increased
- Assignments quickly processed and dispatched
- Efficiency gains direct to bottom line




Internet Application Service Provider We offer an internet solution, which you will have access to.  Your data is completely secure and allows the ability for Lending institutions to enter data into the system and route directly to a repossession company or group of companies for processing. 

For Lending Institutions We offer solutions which can integrate with the RepoSystems.com application, or you can use RepoSystems.com in it's native environment.

Web / Development Services - We offer development services which can include integration of RepoSystems into your current website, or we can develop a website for you, either custom or from one of our templates.

Staff Augmentation - For Recovery Agents and Lenders, we can perform your back office data processing. Recovery Agents can focus on the collateral recovery, and Lenders can be assured that their accounts are handled in a professional and proficient manner. [call for pricing]

Pricing - We have extremely flexible pricing click HERE for details.



RepoSystems security incorporates "two factor" authentication to authenticate genuine users, and 128 bit SSL secure connectivity to ensure data encryption. Both security and data encryption exceed industry accepted standards for information security by Lending Institutions.

RepoSystems security can also include, as an option, IP Security, wherein a user can only access your accounts from a specific computer that you have assigned them. This can eliminate any unauthorized user from accessing the system outside YOUR network.


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