RepoSystems is a software platform dedicated to overcoming the challenges in the repossession business.

About RepoSystems

Back in 2004, our founder saw a challenge in the industry. He saw that there was not an efficient, proficient, economical workflow solution with bias or prejudice for both the lender and repossession vendor market. This challenge led him to create RepoSystems and to be the first to file a patent for mapping and routing for repossessions.

Since 2004, we have greatly expanded our business. Our platform currently serves our national lenders and recovery vendors in all 50 states. We currently have over 7000 collateral businesses in our network. Our clients have seen remarkable benefits including the increase of their recovery rates by up to 60%!

RepoSystems Founder

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We don't believe that improving the efficiency of your business should break the bank.
Recovery Agents

Recovery Agents

Say goodbye to monthly membership fees and enrollment fees!** Our contingency fee structure assures that repossession agents working with our system will only be charged a minimal fee after an assignment is completed!



You won't be charged for the creation of new accounts, only for utilizing our additional services such as vendor management or vin2plate services.

**For processing our national lender accounts. If you need to manage your own lender clients a subscription fee my apply.

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