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RepoPath our Mobile App

Take advantage of our virtual memory protocols.

Our founder created a unique data encryption system that only displays assignment information to approved and/or assigned agents.


The unique RepoPath product to prevent any hack or virus attachments.


Virtual memory only available to approved devices while in use.


Standard username/password identification, with multi-factor authentication and IP address security options.


Virtual memory not in use is applied with a 6 rotation and 128 bit encryption nearly impossible to decrypt.

Aptum Technologies

Aptum Technologies

Physical storage of your NPI/PPI is at the highest level of compliance and security with Aptum Technologies.

Aptum employs the highest level of security metrics. All technology complies with SAS 70 regulations, and is periodically audited. All Aptum data centers are equipped with government grade biometric scans for entry and are monitored on a 24x7 basis.

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